My grandfather, Jack Kressel loved to take pictures.  In his day, that meant taking out an analog light meter to take pictures with his Leica M3.  He handed that down to my Dad, who shot pictures with a Canon A-1, which was a little more advanced that my Grandpa’s Leica, but not much.  The times have changed and so have the ways we take pictures.

Since I can remember, I’ve tried to capture special moments in life.  I can still remember taking pictures of my friends at summer camp with disposable cameras.  A few of those even came out and don’t have my hand in them!

Technology started to change and so did the way I took pictures.  My parents bought me an Olympus D380 as my first digital camera.  I can still remember the excitement of getting 60-something pictures on a Smart Media card and being able to format the card instead of having to buy another roll of film.

Then everything changed in 2006.  After months of shopping and reading reviews, I decided to buy myself a Nikon D40, my first DSLR.  The camera came with an 18-55 mm kit lens.  A few months later, I bought my first telephoto lens.  I also bought a small Canon Point and Shoot for when I was traveling and didn’t have enough space to bring my beloved Nikon.  After more than ten years, I finally updated my equipment and bought my first prime lens (a 35 mm Nikkor f/1.8) and a new camera (a Nikon D3400).  You’ll rarely see me shooting with anything else.

I hope you enjoy my photos.  If you are interested in licensing them, check out my iStock page!




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